Even after having bariatric surgery, retraining the brain to think about food differently is a long and complex process. This requires ongoing support from someone who understands my struggles. Working with a compassionate psychologist who has specialist knowledge in this field makes my journey easier. Melanie’s NOURISH Program targets the issues that are most relevant to us. We need positive reinforcement to keep us on the path, especially when life and emotions get in the way. Melanie speaks our language, shares our journey and has a genuine desire to help us make lifelong changes. I strongly recommend her workshop.

Marguerite Z

I found this workshop to be absolutely beneficial to my journey. The content was entirely relevant and the presentation was excellent.
I found it to be a great help in understanding what I need to do to support myself in this journey. The workbook and participation was outstanding and I learned so much about myself on the day and since then.

Ron T